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  1. Accessories

At AJ’s Total Truck Gear we can supply you with all of your accessories for your Bullbar or Bumper. From Driving Lights & LED Light Bars, Signs & Covers, to Eyebolts, Helper Springs & Aerial Tags. We also have a range of Tank Parts & Polishing Supplies available in stock and ready for shipping!

At AJ’s Total Truck Gear we can supply you with all your Bullbar and Bumper accessories. From Spotlights, LED Light Bars in a Range of Sizes, Roadtrain, Long Vehicle & Oversize Signs, Sign Covers in a Range of Colours & Designs, Eyebolt & Washers, Mesh Inserts, Aerial & Light tags, Replacement Indicators & Lights, Mud Flaps & Swing Plates, Bonnet Light Mounts and DIY Polishing Kits & Polishing Supplies. If you can’t see it here just give us a call and ask if we stock it, if we don’t we can point you in the right direction!

Helper Spring

Roadtrain Covers

Engraved Logos

Tube Anodizing

Bash Plate

Oversize Signs 2 Piece Metal

Ultra Vision Lighting

Logo Covers

Logo Cut Out

Roadtrain Signs 2 Piece Metal

Inserted Bar Lights